Small DIY, masonry, painting, miscellaneous works

Small masonry

I can work in all masonry work
Repair, wall, look, sealing, etc...
(I have a masonry CAP)

Carpentry and woodworking

Repair, sanding, construction of small structure.
Installation of a garden shed


Change a fuse, a Jack, a switch extend circuit, fix a luminaire, etc...

Various DIY

Install a shelf, a frame, a kitchen cabinet, a fume hood.
Put into service an appliance
Setting up a TV or a decoder.
Move furniture
Place a rod, assemble a Cabinet
Change a door handle or a lock.
Make paint or other finish
Change a valve seal
Repair or finish a piece


Exterior or interior paint jobs.
In one piece, resumed painting after a water damage, paint facade.
Work carefully.
Free quote

Areas covered:
montpon Township, vélines and villefranche.
(moncaret, montpeyrou, St martin de gurçon, bonneville)

Painting with lime:

Here is a technique that return to the taste of the day. Painting with lime is stuffed full of advantage.

  • It is economical
  • It is very decorative
  • It can hide the imperfections of a rack.

Here is the basic recipe to modify as needed:
1 kg of air lime
50 g of casein (milk protein)
natural pigments (depending on the desired hue)
and water (depending on desired consistency) over the mixture is liquid more easily applicable.
Most often it applies it to the brush very wide by crossing the brush strokes.
Here you can play