SoS Service, a handyman at your service on the Dordogne

SoS Service est une entreprise à la vocation d'améliorer votre quotidien

SOS Service now offers computer addressing all courses and about the environment is same as windows 8.

SoS service acts primarily on the Township of Montpon Menesterol, Vélines, VilleFranche de Lonchat, St Foy la Grande.

SoS to the vocation to improve your daily life, and you will discover how through the pages of to site. And this through three grand axes (garden and green space, DIY, computer training)

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Great principle of size of fruit trees:
pomaceous trees size during the rest period, you can also do it at the end of winter, just before the takeover.
The trees in nuclei size after fruiting (ofcourse this are just very large lines)
Follow two principles you are on does not make mistakes.

Good size